Our Commitment to Quality Keeps You Inline...

Inline orthotics has the most experienced and knowledgeable staff in the industry with over 200 years combined years experience between its staff members. Our lab is located in Victoria, BC.

Our Customer Service is unparalleled in the industry. We are committed to providing ongoing assistance, to make sure your patients receive the correct product in the shortest time frame.

Product Catalogue
InLine SportInLine MultisportInLine StandardInLine FlexibleInLine Poron MoldInLine BioCork MoldInLine EVA MoldInLine Direct MillXT SprintXT Sprint Dress (with Heel Cup)XT Sprint Dress (without Heel Cup)Schaffer PlateRoberts WhitmanUCBLOut-Toe, In-Toe Gait Plate
InLine Orthotics Sport
  • Two different grades of polypropylene are used with the appropriate selection being based on the patient's activity and weight.
  • 65 Durometer EVA rear foot post with 1/16 rubberized nonslip heel cap (optional)
  • 3/8 Plantar poron arch fill
  • Many additions can be added to this device for specific sports.
InLine Orthotics Multisport
InLine Orthotics Standard
  • 5/32 polypropylene shell
  • 55 Durometer EVA rear foot post with 1/16 rubberized nonslip heel cap (optional)
InLine Orthotics Flexible
  • 1/8 polypropylene shell
  • 35 Durometer EVA rear foot post with 1/16 rubberized nonslip heel cap (optional)
InLine Orthotics Poron Mold
  • 1/16 polypropylene shell (also available without polypropylene shell)
  • 3/8 plantar poron arch fill
  • 55 Durometer EVA extrinsic rear foot post
InLine Orthotics Biocork Mold
InLine Orthotics EVA Mold
InLine Orthotics Direct Mill
InLine Orthotics XT Sprint
  • Polygraphite shell
  • 55 Durometer extrinsic rearfoot posts with 1/16 rubberized nonslip heel cap (optional)
InLine Orthotics XT Sprint Dress with Heel Cup
  • Carbon graphite shell with 1/16 poron extension to sulcus
InLine Orthotics XT Sprint Dress without Heel Cup
Children's Orthotics - Schaffer Plates
Children's Orthotics - Roberts Whitman
Children's Orthotics - UCBL
Children's Out-Toe Gait Plate
Children's In-Toe Gait Plate
InLine Sport
InLine MultiSport
InLine Standard
InLine Flexible
InLine BioCork Mold
Inline EVA Mold
Inline Direct Mill
XT Sprint
XT Sprint Dress (with Heel Cup)
XT Sprint Dress (without Heel Cup)
Schaffer Plate
Roberts Whitman
Out-Toe Gait Plate
In-Toe Gait Plate

Childrens Orthotics

For children under the age of 14, one free pair of orthotics will be made within an 18 month period of original order.

Specialty Products

Inline Orthotics attempt to provide other materials or devices not shown in our catalogue below. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us.

Shipping to InLine Orthotics…

When you ship casts to us via our courier, we pay the bill. A completed RX form should accompany each order.
We will supply pre-addressed labels and shipping cartons to you free of charge. Requests can be made at 1 (866) 345-3338 (FEET).

Shipping From Our Lab To You…

Turnaround time for all orthotics is 5 business days.
Rush service is available ($20 for 48hr, $30 for 24hr).
Finished orthotics are sent to you via our courier.
Inline will pay return shipping on 3 or more pair.

About InLine Orthotics

Inline Orthotics was founded by Andy Johnson in 2006. Andy has over 22 years experience in the orthotic manufacturing industry including over 20 years dealing directly with practitioners in a technical advisory role, assisting them with orthosis selection, material, design and application.

Andy also has over 20 years experience utilizing 3D cad/cam orthotic manufacturing ensuring an accurate and proper fitting device. Call our office anytime during business hours to speak directly with him regarding your patients and their orthotics.